Denis Godefroy is invited to the Internationaler Kunstmarkt, Cologne (Germany), an exhibition organised with the support of the French Ministry of Culture, whose brochure includes texts by Gilbert Lascaux, Michel Servière and Eric Vandecasteele.

He marries Pascale Vallois.

Birth of his daughter Yaël.

He exhibits at the 29th Montrouge contemporary art fair, which pays tribute to Otto Dix and brings together 350 artists. The catalogue is enriched with some forty photographs of the most representative painters on a national and international level. That same year, Denis Godefroy exhibited his Nouvelles vagues at the Françoise Palluel gallery in Paris, at the Déclinaisons gallery in Rouen, and at the Grande Serre in Rouen (with a musical opening by Karl Biscuit).

New collaboration of the Déclinaisons gallery with the Musée des Beaux-Arts de Rouen for the exhibition "Contemporary Photography".