Denis Godefroy and photography

From his first series, and throughout the 1970s, Denis Godefroy relied on photography. He cut out, glued and repainted photographs that he incorporated into his works, Madame X, Self-portraits, Alterations or his Boîtes. A lover of photography, he captures - always in black and white - the landscapes of the Normandy bocage or the Atlantic coast, naked bodies, copses in Corsica, hills in Ireland... So many sources of inspiration that he feeds on when he cannot draw or paint in front of the model.

«The photograph, which I call a fulgurance, arrived at the end of its evolution (when the development is finished) is charged with emotion and reinvests at the same time the memory, a certain past, a certain situation... All the lyricism, all the excesses of emotion that I can have in relation to the landscape, I purge them by the photograph.

Denis Godefroy


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